Pitching to Investors

Pitching Your Startup Story to Investors

Learn how to pitch to investors in less than an hour. | taught by Kevin Smith

Course description

Most startup founders dream of VC funding, but did you known that only .05% of all startups achieved the funding they needed from VCs to get their dreams off the ground. I'm here to change this. My goal is to help 10,000 startup founders get the funding they need by taking this course.

First - I'm not going to guarantee that by taking this course you're going to secure VC funding for your startup. No one can guarantee that. I'm big on setting expectations, and that's not likely. What I am going to promise is that by taking this course you'll have a better idea of what investors are looking for, and how you are going to have to modify your pitch to have a better shot of getting funded.

I've mentored over a 100 startups over the last three years, I've judged pitch competitions. I've been a part of startup pitch panels as a go to market expert and watched as investors critiqued the pitches they've heard. I've gone to startup conferences, meetups and events, and talked to both startup founders and investors about what's worked and what hasn't worked.

The way that the majority of startup founders pitch to investors is wrong. In fact, there's one critical issue that 99% of founders make that prevents them from getting past the first pass with investors. And it's just one of a dozen mistakes that you can make that can prevent you from getting your foot in the door.

In this course I'm going to show you how you have to change your pitch to be more successful. I'm going to walk you through a process I've been using to pitch to clients and adapted to investor pitches. Over my 20 year career in technology sales and marketing I've done over 10,000 pitches. I built my own process on how to do winning pitches and presentations and I've successfully adapted this to startup pitches.

When I work with startups directly, I usually charge a fee for mentorship and consulting of over $1000. But that won't get me to scale. It won't get my goal of helping 10,000 startup founders. This course has 12 sessions that will walk you through each stage of the pitch. As well, there's a way at the end of the course to get direct feedback to me. If you create your pitch and send it to me, I'll give you my direct critique and suggestions for improvement.

The regular price for this course is $129. It's valued at over $1000. For a limited time I'm offering the course for $9. If you act before the October 31st, that's all you'll pay.

Take a look at some of the comments from people who have taken this course live, or have worked with me directly on building their investor pitches. Not all of them have gone on to get VC funding. But all of them have found my help and advice far more valuable then the cost of my time when they factored in the direction they got in their businesses.


Thanks to Kevin, my pitches and PowerPoint presentations are have improved a great deal. I highly recommend Kevin, he is a very professional expert and I look forward to working him again.
Idas Levato, Founder Gugoiza

Kevin delivered "How to Build an Investor Pitch Presentation" workshops at the April 2016 and October 2015 Y2 entrepreneur conferences for high-school students, and he did a great job in both.
In both conference workshops, he walked through the PACES framework to developing the investor pitch - which was adopted by many teams, and was evident in their final presentations. In fact, after Kevin's workshop in October, participant feedback was so positive to the point that we moved his workshop to the first day of the April conference, to give participants more time to incorporate PACES into their final presentations.
For this past conference, we asked participants to provide their feedback and most have returned their surveys. The scores for Kevin's workshop were all 3 (Helpful) and 4 (Very Helpful), and I heard anecdotal feedback from participants that they found his workshop to be very helpful to structuring their final pitch.
As an organizer of the Y2 conference and on behalf of our participants, I would recommend Kevin to anyone looking to elevate their team's storytelling skills (both in general and for a specific project).

Lucas Chang, Startup York, Y2


I Have engaged Kevin creating online courses at MaRS. Kevin goes way beyond in producing content as well as being extremely talented in storytelling. He is able to connect complex strategies and ideas with practical business in a way that makes him a very unique instructor - well suited for our current age of exponential global learning online.
Aislinn Malszecki


Kevin worked with my company to craft a compelling presentation under a tight deadline. His processes have clearly been put to the test over years of experience, and his advice helped to keep my audience engaged. He helped me to capture my excitement about the subject matter and to convey it through my presentation. I would highly recommend working with Kevin to reinvent your presentations, engage your audience, and generate interest.

Jasmine Pickel

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Oh and one more thing. If I reach my goal of helping more than 10,000 startups, I'll be running a pitch competition drawn from the pitches sent to me where the winning pitch will win $50,000 in startup funding. If you want in on this, you have to take this course. Act now.

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Chief Story Architect

I'm the Chief Story Architect at The Story Architect, a firm that helps startups unleash their story.  I'm your facilitator for the Humber Launch Me Series of workshops.  I have 20 plus years of sales and marketing background at fortune 50 tech companies, and working with startups and small businesses.  I've also done 10,000 pitches.  I'll bring my expertise to help you get ready for your pitch.