Lean Canvass - Launch Me Series - Humber Center for Entrepreneurship

Lean Canvas - Humber Launch Me Workshop Series

Learn how to build a lean canvass for your startup. | taught by Kevin Smith

Course description

In this course you will learn what the lean canvas is, why we use it prior to building a business plan, and how you can use it for your upcoming Launch Me Competition pitch.  We'll go over each section of the canvas.  This course is important as it will be the foundation for the follow on work you'll need to do for your business plans and Launch Me pitch.  We will have additional courses to help you through those.

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Chief Story Architect

I'm the Chief Story Architect at The Story Architect, a firm that helps startups unleash their story.  I'm your facilitator for the Humber Launch Me Series of workshops.  I have 20 plus years of sales and marketing background at fortune 50 tech companies, and working with startups and small businesses.  I've also done 10,000 pitches.  I'll bring my expertise to help you get ready for your pitch.